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  • For a new Netgear router, that you have just bought, it is common to face some of the initial problems or the access issues. To troubleshoot the issue, follow the below steps.
  • Turn off the wireless function of your router and connect your Netgear router directly to the computer that you have to use for the configuration and internet access. Take an Ethernet cable and connect the router with the computer.
  • Either turn off the computer or reboot it to get an internet connection. Open the web browser which is supported to the current version of your router. Enter the default gateway or in the address bar of the browser. Click enter to get the login page.
  • Now you have to get the home page of your router. To get the home page, enter the user name and the password of your Netgear router. Admin will be used in both the field. Now you have achieved the web interface of your router.
  • If you still not getting the internet access, then reboot the router by pressing the reboot button. Or press the reset button for 10 seconds to reset the router to its factory default settings. Then log in again from the beginning to get the web interface of your router.
  • Check the firmware update. If there is a latest update available for your router, then click to update the router. Also, update the firmware of your modem. Check for updates at or go to the official site of the NETGEAR. Never download a firmware file from the other sites that are not reliable and is not starts with Http/https.

Setup Router

How to setup Netgear router with Nighthawk App?

The guided assistance on helps to troubleshoot the issue regarding the Nighthawk app login and router setup using the Nighthawk app. It helps to view your devices on the network, helps to run a speed test, and manage your entire WIFI settings. All the latest routers of Netgear Nighthawk, like Netgear Nighthawk R6700, Netgear Nighthawk R7000P, Netgear R6080, Best for Gaming: Netgear Nighthawk Pro XR500, and many more. All can easily be set up using this Nighthawk Mobile app. Go to the app store or the play store of your device, then download and install the app.

Setup process for Netgear router with Nighthawk app

  • After getting the Nighthawk app into your device, set up the router first. Attach the antennas of the router that is given along the product. Fix the antennas into the slot that has specially made for it.
  • Power on the router, and wait for the power LED light to blink solid. Look on the label of the router to get the username, password, and default gateway or the IP address of your router.
  • Go to the setting section of your device, either it is an android device or is an iOS device. From the settings click or tap the WIFI section. Connect your device only to the network that you can see in the list. It should be the same as the label of your router is carrying.
  • Now, launch the installed Nighthawk app on your device to unlock it. Follow the instructions carefully. Once your device is connected to the local WIFI network of your router, open the app, and log in to your Netgear account.
  • If you do not have an account, then you need to create a fresh Netgear account. Tio creates the account, enter the email address to which you want to get alerts. Next, enter the password. It should be strong and secrete.
  • Then click NEXT, and then tap “New System Settings”. Keep in mind that this account is different than your admin login credential. Now you need to login to your admin credentials in order to manage your account.
  • Click NEXT and get the login page. On the login page enter the default password of your router. Admin will be stuffed in the field of password, and Password will be stuffed in the place of a password.
  • Tap next after stuffing your password and user ID, click login or continue, and you will get the DASHBOARD of your nighthawk app. From the Dashboard, you can manage a lot of other settings of your router. There will be four options on the very first page. You need to click on “Device List”.
  • On the page of the Device list, you can see the features that your device support. It will let you monitor the devices that are connected to your WIFI network. You can easily run, or pause the internet by clicking the toggle button that is just next to the device name. You can also get to know about that to which WIFI band your device is connected to.
  • From the device list, you can get to know about the IP address of that particular device. You can also use the internet speed feature in the dashboard to test the internet speed of your router, your device connected to your WIFI network.

How to change my Router’s settings using the Nighthawk app?

  1. Go to the dashboard of the Nighthawk app that you have installed on your device. On the dashboard, you can easily see the feature “WIFI Settings”. Click on the WIFI settings.
  2. Then click on the network that you would like to update. If you change the WIFI setups, then you have to log in to again to the device for which you have changed the WIFI settings.
  3. Go to the WIFI settings section, and there will be the option to change the WIFI name and password. Type the password and the user ID that you wish to have.
  4. Click save to apply the recent changes or the modifications made by you. You can even set up “Guest Mode”, “Parental Control”, and “Traffic Control” through this app.
  5. For more information about these setup processes, click on the customized web domain.
  6. Setting up the Guest Mode keeps your primary network private, and keeps guests away from accessing any personal connected devices.
  7. Click the Guest network section that you would like to create. Setup the WIFI credentials, and click SAVE. That’s all done.
  8. You can also set up here the parental control, by clicking on the icon, a done then simply enable this smart circle feature.
  9. WIFI settings feature of the Nighthawk app, lets you to check and update the firmware of your router and the other devices also.
  10. Go to the WIFI settings, and click on the router image form the main menu dashboard. It will show you a list, carrying;
  • The hardware version of your Router,
  • Firmware Version of the router,
  • Type of device that you have,
  • Mac address of the WIFI router, and
  • The IP address of your router.

For firmware update, click manually on the option “Firmware Version”, scroll down up the page and tap on the green tab “Check the Firmware Update”. If there you see any update about the firmware of your router, then click to install the latest firmware. It can take several minutes. then close the app. not working
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