If www.routerlogin.net is not working, try to access ip 192.168. 1.1. Then, try to restart your router and access the netgear router login page again. Ensure that your Netgear Router firmware is updated to the latest version.
routerlogin.net not working

Routerlogin.net not working

  1. For a new Netgear router, that you have just bought, it is common to face some of the initial problems or the access issues while login and configuration process. To troubleshoot the issues, we have to bring some of the easiest procedure that you must like to follow. Follow the below steps.
  2. Turn off the wireless function of your router and connect your Netgear router directly to the computer that you have to use for the configuration and internet access. Use the available or the newly bought Ethernet cable and try to connect the router with the computer using the LAN ports.
  3. Either turn off the computer or reboot it to get an internet connection. Open and launch the standard web browser which should be capable to support the current version of your router. Introduce the login and access gateway www.routerlogin.net or http://routerlogin.com in the Addy bar of the launched web browser. Then, click enter to get the login window page.
  4. Now you have to get the home page of your router. To get the routerlogin.net login home page of your Netgear router, enter the SSID and the security passphrase. Admin will be used in both the field to log in the dashboard. Now you have achieved the web interface without any hurdle due to routerlogin.net of your router.
  5. If you still not getting the internet access, then reboot the router by pressing the reboot button. Or press the reset button for 10 seconds to reset the router to its factory default settings. Then you have to make the whole login process from the beginning to get the web interface of your NETGEAR WIFI router.
  6. Check the firmware update also for the better functioning. If you find that there is a recent update pending for your router, then you should finish the update first. You will have to click the update page of your Netgear router. Also, update the firmware of your modem. Check for updates at http://routerlogin.net or go to the official site of the NETGEAR. Never try to download any firmware file from any untrusted sites.

Re – Setup Router in case of routerlogin.net not working

How to setup Netgear router with Nighthawk App?

The instructed and most reliable assistance that is always present on www.routerlogin.net will support you to troubleshoot the entire issues and problems that are related to the Nighthawk app login. You can also set up any Netgear Nighthawk router using the Netgear Nighthawk app. You can view your entire connected devices on the routerlogin.net wifi network, you can run an internet speed test, and can manage your entire network/WIFI settings. All the currently launched WIFI routers by Netgear Nighthawk are most suitable for gaming. These routers are Netgear Nighthawk R6700, N R7000P, N R6080, Nighthawk Pro XR500, and a lot of other such amazing models are thrilling the hub of the world. All can easily be set up using this Nighthawk Mobile app. Go to the app store or the play store of your device, then download and install the app.

The setup process for Netgear router with Nighthawk app

The first thing that you should do is to get the Nighthawk app in your device, then start the process to set up your Netgear Nighthawk router. Attach the available antennas of the router that is given along the product. Fix the antennas into the slot that has specially made for it. 

  1. Power on the router, and wait for the power LED light to blink solid. If you would observe the label of the router, then you will easily get the default SSID, password, and the IP address of your Netgear WIFI router for a safe routerlogin.net login. 
  2. Go to the setting section of your device, either it is an android device or is an iOS device. From the section of settings, you can make a click or tap to the WIFI tab of the page. You can connect your NETGEAR device only through the WIFI network that you can find in the list. This WIFI name should be the same as the printed label of your router is having. 
  3. Now, launch the installed Nighthawk app on your device to unlock it. Follow the instructions carefully. Once you see that your device has successfully connected to the WIFI home network of your WIFI router, then you are supposed to open the Nighthawk app to log in to Netgear Nighthawk account. 
  4. If you do not have an account, then you need to create a fresh Netgear account. To creates the Netgear Nighthawk account, you need to type the email address on which you want to have all the latest alerts. Next, enter the password. It should be strong and secrete. 
  5. Then click NEXT, and then tap “New System Settings”. Always remember that this account will be different than your Netgear admin panel login credential. Now you need to login to your admin credentials in order to manage your account.
  6. Click NEXT and get the login page. On the Netgear router login page, you are required to introduce the security password of your Netgear WIFI router. Admin as the security passphrase and as the SSID will be stuffed in the required authentication field of www.routerlogin.net login page. 
  7. Tap next after stuffing your password and user ID, click login or continue, and you will get the DASHBOARD of your nighthawk app. When you reach the routerlogin.net Dashboard, page, then you can manage all the advanced settings of your Netgear Nighthawk router. The first page will be carrying the four basic options. You need to click on the option for “Device List”. 
  8. On the page of the Device list, you can see the features that your device support. These features will enable you to monitor all the devices that you have associated with your WIFI network. Now, you have the authority to easily run and pause the internet. It just requires a click or tap on the toggle button. This toggle button is available just next to the device name of your Nighthawk router. You are also free to know about the frequency bandwidth on which your device is running.
  9. From the device list, you can get to know about the IP address of that particular device. Here you have the chance to run the internet speed test feature from the routerlogin.net dashboard, which is used to test the speed of your router’s internet or WIFI. you can also check the range and approach of your device that will help you to connect all the other wireless devices to the network.

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How can I modify the settings of my Netgear router using the Nighthawk app?

    • Go to the dashboard of the Nighthawk app that you have installed on your device. The dashboard of your Netgear WIFI router will show you the entire feature for the “WIFI Settings,” click on this WIFI settings.
    • Then click on the network that you would like to update. If you will make changes to the WIFI settings of your router, then the router will require re-login and configuration that has just transformed by you with the new password and SSID. 
    • Go to the WIFI settings section, and there will be the option to change the WIFI name and password. Type the password and the user ID that you wish to have.
    • Click save to apply the recent changes or the modifications made by you. Now you have fully authorised to set up the guest mode, parental control, traffic monitoring access, bandwidth control and management through this Nighthawk app.
    • For more information about these setup processes, click on the routerlogin.net customized web domain.  
    • Setting up the Guest Mode keeps your primary network private, and keeps guests away from accessing any personal connected devices. 
    • Click the Guest network section that you would like to create. Setup the WIFI credentials, and click SAVE. That’s all done. 
    • You can also set up here the parental control, by clicking on the icon, a done then simply enable this smart circle feature.
    • WIFI settings feature of the Nighthawk app, lets you check and update the firmware of your router and the other devices also. 
    • Go to the WIFI settings, and click on the router image form the main menu dashboard. It will show you a list, carrying
  1. The hardware version of your Router,
  2. Firmware Version of the router,
  3. Type of device that you have,
  4. Mac address of the WIFI router, and e. The IP address of your router. 

For the manual firmware update, go and tap on the latest “Firmware Version,” then come down to the bottom of the page, and tap on the highlighted option that is under a green tab with the tag line “Check the Firmware Update”. If you find any kind of firmware update, related to any of the function of your router, then it is essential to install that firmware update for your device. It can take several minutes to complete and to restart the device. then you may close the app.

Netgear AC3200 router setup and login


  • Using the Ethernet cable make a secure connection between your router and the computer.
  • Boot-up the devices by turning them off. Also, turn off all other devices connected to the routerlogin.net network.
  • Turn off your computer, modem, router, printers, broadband and cable modem.
  • In the browser hit the address bar to enter or www.routerlogin.net
  • The router login window will ask you to input the username and password of your router.
  • Get the username and password from the sticker of your router. It is the default username and password.
  • Indexing the default username and password will provide you with the web interface or the dashboard of your Netgear AC3200 WIFI router.
  • If you want to check the internet connectivity, then select the router status by visiting under the Router maintenance section.

Netgear router reset- AC3200 router


  • Find tiny reset button available on your Netgear AC3200 router.
  • Take a small pin or a mobile screw to push the Netgear router reset button.
  • The reset button should be pressed and hold for at least 20 seconds.
  • After 20 seconds, relieve the button and let the router reset to its factory reset button.
  • After completing the reset process, you have to login to your router again using default login credentials.
  • If you have taken the backup to your previous customised settings then you can restore back to your router.