How and why the NETGEAR users receive an email for firmware update

By configuring the Netgear genie router, you can get emails, logs, and alerts through emails by NETGEAR. This feature does not enable by the manufacturers, but then users can view the logs by logging into the web-interface of the router. the setup of this feature is very easy and simple at, but the interface of the users can look different.

Follow and set up the email notifications in a genie router

To log in to the router, select the following keys one by one get the email notifications setup page.

  1. Visit ADVANCED, then go to,
  2. SECURITY, then go to,
  3. E-mail tab.
  1. To start receiving email logs and notification alerts from your NETGEAR Wi-Fi modem and the router, you have to choose the option “Turn E-mail Notification On” and click the checkbox near this tag line.
  2. Enter the hostname or the IP address of your internet service provider’s outgoing email server just at the tag line “Your Outgoing Mail Server”. for instance, enter In the configuration screen of your router’s email software on your computer.
  3. There will be an option stating “Send to This Email Address”, you need to put in the email address on which you want to receive the email and notifications to update the firmware of your router. 
  4. In the header of your email, the email address which you have entered will be shown as “From”.
  5. In case you require authentication for the email server for outgoing mails, then you have to select “My Mail Server requires authentication” and tick the checkbox. 
  6. Approach to fill the username and the password of your modem router for the outgoing email server that is SMTP.

After performing such a couple of easy steps, you will start getting messages, emails, notifications to update your NETGEAR modem router. You can even receive alerts whenever someone would try to approach the websites that have been blocked by you. To receive the logs and notification on regular intervals, you have to tick the checkboxes after reading their statements, one by one. It is up to you that you want to have the alerts and notifications on regular intervals, weekly, monthly or daily, it’s totally up to you. The specified periods that you have set to get the emails and other notifications, will send you the details as according to that much duration and time periods, set by you. After sending the logs, the log files will be cleared from your modem router’s memory. In case the Wi-Fi modem router fails to email the log file, then the log buffer will be filled up automatically, and your modem router will overwrite the logs, and then will discard the entire contents available over

  1. After that you have to click the APPLY tab to save the settings and configurations.
  2. For this your PC should always be connected to the WIFI internet network, else it will not be able to send the emails and notifications regarding the firmware updates and regarding the other updates and information.

How to simply update the firmware of my NETGEAR R7000 router?

  1. To update the firmware of your NETGEAR R7000 router, you need to make a setup arrangement first, in this you have to connect your computer to the router by putting in an Ethernet cable. 
  2. Click and unlock the web-browser, and by entering the unique resource locater at the URL bar, you will successfully get the login window of your router.
  3. Now there will be a window, flashed on your computer screen asking for username and password.
  4. Enter the username and password that must be the default if you have not personalized it after installing the router for the first time, and if you have changed the default credentials, then you have to enter that one into the required fields.
  5. Select and click ADVANCED->, then select for SETTINGS tab-> then go to click the tab ADMINISTRATION 
  6. Here you will require to select the option for “Firmware Update” or “Router Update”, and then click Check.
  7. The router will start discovering for the new firmware update, if you see that the new firmware update is available, then hit “Yes” to update the firmware.
  8. After completing the firmware update your router will start rebooting automatically. Now your router is set up and modified with the latest firmware.  

How can we download and upgrade the firmware on my NETGEAR router?

  • Visit to the customized web address, and type the model number of your router in the pop-up search bar.
  • If you see a drop-down menu bar, there will be almost all the models of the NETGEAR router, select the model of your router.
  • Now there will be a tab on this dashboard ” Firmware and Software Downloads” that you are going to click at once.
  • Under the function of the current version of firmware, select the version that suits to your router, and then click the “Download button” 
  • Now unzip the zipped file that you have recently downloaded and run the function by typing the extension .exe file.
  • Follow the onscreen coming instruction one after another and get your router modified with the latest firmware, quickly.