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How can we perform AX1800 4-Stream WIFI 6 Mesh Extender Setup using the Netgear installation assistant?

To connect with the installation assistant, you are required to plug in the extender with the power outlet of your home. Wait till the LED of the extender lit up to the green, and if the LED is not blinking, then you have to press the Power button on, that is available on the Netgear range extender. When you would be finished with the Netgear devices setup process, then your device will be connected to the router using the Ethernet cable. One end of the Ethernet cable should be plugged into the computer and another end should be connected with the device or the router that you are using for the Netgear login and setup process. However, all the Netgear routers can be used with any other model of extender, without any hurdle. Now you should go to the WIFI connecting manager, and find for the network name with NETGEAR_EXT, and then get connected to it. When you would be linked to the WIFI enabled device, the LED of your Netgear range extender will become solid green. Now open a web browser from your mobile or computer, and follow the upcoming steps…

Steps that will take you to setup your AX1800 4-Stream Wi-Fi Extender Setup

  • Input or at the search bar of the browser, and the new page for your extender setup will be displayed to your computer.
  • The “NEW EXTENDER SETUP” button should be pressed after getting the setup page. Now you have to complete the field that is to create an account with Netgear Genie application. The access point/Extender switch must be set to the extender and then click the continue tab.
  • Before clicking the next button, you have to select the Wi-Fi network for your extender to stretch the network. If you want to extend only a single frequency band, then you have to clear one of the frequency bands from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • In the field of Wi-Fi password and IP address, you have to fill all these to credentials very carefully. It will be better if you will use the same SSID for your router and the extender on AP mode. After setting the new SSID and the username for your extender and the router, click the NEXT tab.
  • It might take a minute or two to show the web page of your router. Now you can connect your Wi-Fi enabled device with the extender, by putting the SSID and the password that you have given to your extender.
  • Before you move on to the next step, be sure that your Wi-Fi device is being connected with the extender properly. When you will click the continue tab, a web page will be displayed, that will confirm that the router is being successfully connected to the extender. Now the registration page will be demonstrated to your screen, after clicking the NEXT tab.
netgear extender login
  •  Complete the registration field by giving the required details, then you will click the Finish button to complete the button. If you want to continue the Extender setup process without doing the registration, then you can skip the process by clicking at the link to skip.
  • Remove the extender form the power outlet and move it to some other location. The distance between your router and the extender should not be more than half to the distance of your end device and the router.
  • The device and the extender should be placed within the range of Wi-Fi signals from your router. Again plug the extender to the power source of your home and wait till the LED starts blinking.
  • Try to move the extender away from the router, but it should be moved to the distance from where the LED will continue to blink. If the LED stops blinking that means you have to bring the extender a little closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Connect your computer and the devices that you want to hook with the Wi-Fi, to the extender. If the devices are successfully connected with the extender, then those devices will start displaying the internet page.

How to troubleshoot the error issue while connecting to the Netgear range extender through

Connecting to the WIFI network of the range extender can have errors and issues that can prompt you with different error messages. It is not necessary that all typed of extender and router login face the same errors and thus have the same error messages. It also carries from various internet explorer. If you have used a wrong website for the Netgear router login and Netgear router setup, then also you may have error pages. With the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, you will get the error message, like:

Page Cannot Be Displayed, or You are Not Connected to the Network.

But the user of Google Chrome will get the Error with the tag line “Cannot access the Internet.” In that case, your Google Chrome will not be able to show you the webpage as the computer device in which you have exploring the web page is not connected to the Internet or there might be a fault with the Ethernet cable. The users of Mozilla Firefox will receive the error, like “Unable to find the Server” that means the Firefox browser is not able to get the server via

Those users who have an iOS device by Apple will face the errors, like “Cannot find the server for you.” The other case where we are probably to do a mistake is while entering the router login web address. A wrong weblink and the web domain will make your login to the third-party fraudulent website, where you would lose your entire data by the hackers. You can even lose your login credentials with all the other essential data of your device. Some of the fraud websites can demand a lot of money just to give you some little and fake services. Netgear official website provides the user with 90 days free and complimentary services. It never demands money during the free service time. Even after the free services, you can continue to get the services with a little pay. 


To troubleshoot, the issue of not getting connected to the follow the below explained steps...

  • Bring the extender to a close distance to the router. Your existing wireless router must be in running condition.
  • Plugin the range extender to the power source of your house. The LED should start blinking at once that means the extender is ready to use now.
  • The devices that you have connected with the extender should also show a blinking LED light. This shows that these devices have been receiving a proper internet connection from the extender.
  • Open the web browser and enter the IP address of your extender that is Or you can enter the web link of extender setup.
  • If you still face any issue while connecting to the extender, then try using another web address or another browser. If you are using Google Chrome, then use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear the caches and browsing history will help you to connect with the range extender.
  • Still not getting into your extender, then you must try the connection of your router and the extender with the Ethernet cable.
  • Use the IP address and the subnet mask To assign to your computer a static IP address.
  • Configuring TCP/IP and making Proxy Settings will also you a lot to get associated with your range extender.