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To login to your Netgear router using a web browser, you need to use a customised web address which is or The web browser you will use should have a standard version and should not have any web-surfing history. Clear the history, bugs, and malicious files. Because these bugs, surfing histories, and unnecessary tools can hinder login process. You may have a lot of errors, and issues to connect your router with the network. So, let us follow the entire setup and router login process to login to your Router. Netgear router login using a web browser is the best option to get the web interface of your router. In this process you have to use Ethernet cable which is a great solution for Netgear router login process.

Netgear Router Login using the web browser

Removing the cable connections

In this step, you will have to remove entire cable connections from the modem, router and the computer as well. Only leave the coaxial cable attached from the modem as it is the only source to supply power to your router. Remove the backup batteries from the back of the modem if it has. Turn off the devices one by one.

Connecting the cables back to the devices

  1. Take a powerline adapter that you have got from your seller and connect it to the back of your router. At the back of the router, there is a power slot in which you have to connect the powerline adapter. Then turn the router on by switching the power button of your router.
  2. Now, connect the router using an Ethernet cable to the modem. WAN ports of these devices will be used to make the connection successful.
  3. Turn on the modem by reconnecting the power line adapter of the modem. Turn the modem on by switching on the power button.
  4. Check the status of the LEDs, if the power LEDs on the router and the modem are turned on blinking properly, then the devices have turned on.
  5. If the power LED of your router, and the modem is not turning solid, then you have to press the power button which is at the rear of the router and the modem too.
  6. When the power LEDs will be turned on, then your devices are turned on and are ready to make Netgear login login process

  1. Use the computer which you have connected to the LAN port of your router. In this computer open the web browser that is installed by default.
  2. In this browser, you have to open the address bar of your browser and enter the default login web address.
  3. net web address is the customised web address to access the web interface of your router.
  4. If setup page is unable to access the interface page of your router, then you need to use the IP address of your routers, such as or
  5. When you would successfully access the web login page of your router, then you have to enter the user login credentials on the login window.
  6. Use admin as the login username and password as the login password of your router. Click the login option to log in to the default login page.
  7. Then, you will be connected to the web interface of your router. From here, you can make an entire setup with password and SSID change.