How to use the NETGEAR router as an access point?

In an AP mode the router receives data through a wired Ethernet connection, and transforms to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless signals. It automatically sends and receives wireless traffic to and from all the nearer wireless devices and clients. The basic difference between an access point and router is that the access point does not use firewall functions, and will be unable to protect the local network from external threats coming from the internet access. The AP Mode can be used to extend the wireless coverage of your home and office area. Using AP Mode is also better than the extender reduces the bandwidth capacity of your network, whereas access point increases or doubles the bandwidth capacity. 

Some of the latest routers enables you to configure it as an Access Point Mode, to extend the wireless range of your house. After that your router will act as the wireless gateway, and its basic function will be to provide the wireless connections. Here the main point to be noticed is that after setting your router as an Access Point Mode, it will lose its entire router functions, including port forwarding, and DHCP server. 

Steps to setup the NETGEAR router as an Access Point

The first step is to connect your computer to the NETGEAR router, that you want to convert in Access Point Mode. Unlock a web browser and visit one of the following web addresses to get the web interface of your router.

Visit, or or visit to,, or, or, or, etc.

  • When the above-mentioned web address will work successfully, then you need to jump to another step. A web page will be displayed to you, and there you need to enter the default username and the password of your AP router. In the first case, you have entered ADMIN, and in the second case, you have to enter PASSWORD, both in case-sensitive.
  • In case the ADMIN and the PASSWORD fails to access the web page of your router, then you must have changed. If you remember that then input those customized credentials, but if you have forgotten, then you are to set the router to the factory default settings to get the default setting back to the router. Then you have to begin the entire steps from the beginning. 
  • After getting the web interface of your NETGEAR AP router, you have to go to the ADVANCED tab from this page, then visit ADVANCED SETUP, and then go to WIRELESS SETTINGS. Here one thing you should keep in mind that your router must be updated with the latest firmware. Because you will not be able to see the option to set your NETGEAR router to AP Mode if you are using the older version of the firmware.
  • Now come down to the page by scrolling your cursor, there you will find the option to set your router on AP Mode. At the heading “Enable AP Mode” tick the checkbox. Along with this there will be two more options to click in the checkbox. These options are “Get IP Address Dynamically”, and “Get DNS Server Address Dynamically”, these options will be set by default on your network. You can change the setting manually if you wish to change.
  • After setting these settings, click the APPLY button. After tapping the apply button, you are going to lose the communication between your router and the computer as your NETGEAR router is now working on ACCESS POINT MODE. 
  • Now the time is to set up the router with the existing gateway or the router. To make this setup, you have to connect the WAN port of your NETGEAR router that is now set to AP Mode with the help of an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the main or the existing router. 
  • As now your NETGEAR router has achieved the setup to function as AP Mode. If you long to change the settings of your wireless network, such as the SSID, IP, and username, then connect the computer with your AP Mode, and then open a browser to get the web address. Type the web URL router or at the browser to get these settings completed. Assign the static IP address on the router that is on AP Mode, so that it does not change.