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Netgear is the domain name to access the login page of the router. The user can access the login page of the router by using two main web addresses to redirect the login page with and the Moreover, Netgear Router is the most dependable remote system particular to associate the various gadgets with the system. Netgear is the easy method to get to the settings of the Netgear wifi routers. Besides, the Netgear router gives you the best systems administration equipment. To get to the login setup page of the Netgear wifi login is simple and client friendly.

NETGEAR Default IP Address and is the default IP address. Visit to access page

Reset NETGEAR Router

Press the reset pinhole button using paperclip and hold it for 10 seconds. Settings will get to factory default.

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Router Username & Password

Default username and password for netgear router is: Username-admin / Password-password

Web address for NETGEAR

Open your browser and type in the address bar or

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Netgear Genie Wizard ( )

Setting up your Netgear router with or web address is very basic steps. You can access your Netgear Genie page to change username and password, change admin password or make changes with the default credentials of your router. Netgear genie gives you the power to control the behaviour of your Netgear router. You can choose your router type to use it as a modem or a wireless repeater also. You can also control your router when you are out of reach or town via Netgear Genie smartphone app for android and IPhone 11. Netgear routers are designed for Small offices, big houses, wireless extenders etc to fit your need.

Finding the IP address in case when does not work 

  1. From the bottom left corner of your computer, find and click the start button.
  2. At the text box bar of the window, type the paraphrase “cmd”.
  3. Your computer will start looking for the files and data from your computer’s memory.
  4. There will be a lot of options that will be appeared to you, you have to use, the right file on the cmd.exe file and click.
  5. In the next action, you need to put “ipconfig” in the dark black display on your computer’s screen, and without delay hit the enter tab.
  6. When the list of results will be shown to you with a lot of white printed and coded text, you can find your default IP address of
  7. The combinations of the numbers on this page are the default gateway of your router or you say it the IP address of your router.
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully attained the IP address of your router, just note it down, and make use of it while doing further configurations and the settings of your router.

Small difference between Reset & Reboot

Reset process Netgear router Login


Lots of people get confused with the two terms, that is reset and reboot. They take both the process as the same process, but there are a lot of differences between these two processes. In the reset process you get the default factory settings of your router and you’ll lose the entire settings after reset. In rebooting you just make a restart to your router. More commonly, first you turn off your router and then turn it on back. In this process you will not lose any settings of your router. 

Netgear Router Login rebooting process


  • In this process, discontinue the power that is being supplied to your router by removing the power line from the router or the power board.
  • Reconnect the router back and press the power ON button.
  • Your router will get rebooted within 30 to 40 seconds. 
  • In this process, your Internet connection will go offline.

Netgear Wireless Router Reset Process

  • Look around the body of your latest Netgear router, and locate the reset button.
  • After locating the reset button, press it with the help of a toothpick for more than 10 seconds at least, then you can release once.
  • Watch for the LEDs of the router, it should be twinkling solid blue or solid green.
  • When the LEDs will become solid, after giving continue flash, that means your router is now set to its defaults. 
  • After that there can be so many things that are going to be changed in your WIFI router. Read the following information based on the facts that what are the features or settings that will change after resetting your Netgear router login.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Setting a static IP address is very fruitful to those who have to transfer large files, on a daily basis. It also proves like a milestone to those who are to host servers or the websites for sharing large files. Your computers and the other end to end devices are already assigned with an IP address, and while connecting to the internet uses the same IP address. Usually in our home and small house we use a dynamic IP address, but for gaming consoles, website hosting, and for the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” services, it becomes necessary to use static IP addresses. Speed, efficiency, high-performance, and reliability are the key feature of using the static IP address to your window computer.  

Click to the “Start Menu” on your computer and go to the “Control Panel”.

  • From the control panel, you will be clicking on the option for “Network and Sharing Centre”, for some of the window the option will be like ” Network and Internet”.
  • Click on to network and sharing centre, and then tap on to “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Make a right-click through your mouse or touchpad on to the option of “WIFI or “Local Area Connection”, and from here go and click Properties.
  • While selecting the internet protocol version, select the TCP/IPv4, then again click to “Properties”.
  • Select and click “use the following IP address”, and enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and then enter the DNS server, and then click OK.
  • Now you can see the static IP address of your computer.

In this article, we are going to describe that how to find the IP address for your different devices, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS X, without using the command prompt. This article will surely help you, if you are unable to locate or find the IP address in your computers, PC, laptop, Macintosh, androids, etc. The steps given below are on the basis of device and software, do not follow without looking for your type of software and devices.

Without Command prompt, getting the IP address for “Window 10”.

  • Go and click the “Start Icon” and then find and tap on to the “Settings”.
  • Now look for the “Network and Internet” symbol, and make a tap on it.
  • If you are looking for the IP address of your wired connections, then select the option of “Ethernet”. It will be located on the left of the menu pane. After selecting the Ethernet option, you have to select for your “Network Connection”, and thus your IP address will appear just next to the “IPv4 Address”.
  • If you are looking for the IP address of a wireless connection, then select “WIFI”. This option will be found from the left pane of the menu page.
  • After that you need to go to the “Advanced Options”, and your IP address will appear just beside the “IPv4 Address”.
  • Go to the “System Tray” and click the icon of network connection, and then, select the option for ” Open Network and Sharing Centre”.
  • Here if you are having a wired connection, then you have to go to the “Local Area Connection” and make a double tap on it. Then you will see the option of “Details” click on it, and your IP address will be thereafter “IPv4 Address”.
  • For the users of WIFI wireless connection, double tap on “Wireless Network Connection” and click to “Details”, thus your IP address will just be by the side of “IPv4 Address”.
  • Go to the START>right click to NETWORK> then to the PROPERTIES, and your network and sharing centre will be opened to you.
  • IP address for the users of wired connections can be found beside the option of “Local Area Connection”, in “View Status” by making a right-click on it. For the users of wireless adapter, double tap on “Wireless Network Connection” and then go to the
  • “Support Tab”. Thereafter, go to the details to see the IP address of your
  • Go to the heading “Details” and get your IP address just next to the coded keys “IPv4 Address”.

Go to the Apple menu, and select “System Preferences”, from the “View Menu” tab, and then select for the option “NETWORK”. After clicking on the network preferences, a window will have appeared to you. In this window you need to click any of the ports, such as Ethernet, AirPort, WIFI, etc. If you are connected to your, you will find the IP address.

Find the IP address for the Mac OS X 10.04 or 10.3 Computer;

Go to the Menu bar of the Apple Menu, and select the location, and then go to “Network Preferences”. Go to the “NETWORK PREFERENCES Window” and click to the ” Network Status”, just next to “Show”. The IP address will be displayed over there.

WPS stands for “WIFI protected Setup” it is a standard that makes easy and secure establishment for a wireless network. Traditionally, the users have to create the SSID and the password, manually. The security key that you have to set for your NETGEAR WIFI router, should be created manually. It should be unique and specific. for both, your router and the client. But now with the innovation of the WPS feature, your router and the, modem can automatically configure a wireless network name and SSID, with a strong encryption and authentication. Know more about the WPS process, and how can we use it via 

Know your router for better performance

There are many things when it comes to setting up a router or using it. Sometimes when we are not paying attention to simple things it becomes a problem for the setup process. Netgear routers are very interactive and user friendly by simply logging on to can get you the login area for the netgear router to do all kind of things change password, change admin settings or simply resetting router to the factory default settings. You can few troubleshooting steps when you are having a issue or simply for your knowledge on how few things can be fixed. when ever your router is down or you are not able to connect to router use following steps.

  • Check the Power supply 

In the event that you can’t relate/partner with the Internet by any stretch of the inventive capacity, look at your switch LED status pointers. In the event that there are no lights utilizing any methods, the switch is clearly unplugged or shut down. 

  • Power cycle 

To smooth running of the Netgear firstly record your IP address. In case if you see your IP address is or begins with the 169.254 then unplug your Netgear router and unplug your modem and the router as well. According to the direction of the Netgear routers place the router in a suitable place and maintain the required gap between the device and the router. If you are not able to access the router then you may check the configuration of the Netgear router. Pull back the power string and reconnect it following a moment or two. Investigate and guarantee that the Power switch of the switch is in the “On” position. On the off chance that the switch still isn’t topping off, you may have a fizzled power connector, a messed up electrical growth, or a consumed switch. Likewise, if you have association or DSL, you ought to in like way watch that your modem is must get the attractive power supply, as indicated by the bearings of router login authorities.

  • Check the Router Status 

If there is no power or stable LED activity check the status of the router and the modem. Moreover, hold the LED status for a couple of the minutes and then access the login setup page of the router once you again starting the router. On the off chance that your switch’s capacity LED is lit, check the Internet or WAN marker. On most switches, this ought to be green and may streak. In the event that your switch doesn’t have status pointers, glance around back to check whether the Ethernet port lights are blinking.

Steps to Access the Nighthawk XR500 Netgear Router

You need to sign in into your Netgear change to get to your router. and is the region that is used to get to the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 router.

  • Open your web browser from a PC that is connected with your new router.
  •  Type or in the address bar. 
  • Press enter. 
  •  It will direct you to the Genie page.
  • Enter username & password. 
  • Press enter. 
  • Now you will have basic settings page on screen from here you can do whatever you like with your router.

Here We talk about IP address login is the customized web address by dint of which you can enter into the central interface of your router, whereas the is the IP address that comes by default for all the NETGEAR routers. It allows the network administrator to configure their routers and WIFI networks. These two dimensions are required to set up a lot of features, such as IP address, Password, DNS settings, Proxy Settings, LAN and WAN settings, DSL and ADSL settings, MAC cloning, and WPS block, etc.

Netgear router Login to steps

  • You may access your router ADMIN through a IP address of your NETGEAR router. Using this you can also change the default settings along with the configuration of your router.
  • Into the address bar of your device browser input the common IP address of your router in the following manner: or just go for
  • In case you see errors while this logging process, on your screen of the end device, then just enter at the web address bar and know the solutions.
  • After getting the correct resolution or the web URL, you need to enter that, in the address bar of your router as another effort.
  • After introducing the exact credentials into the web browser’s address bar, you will be redirected to the Admin’s login panel.
  • Later on, just after this admin panel, you must enter another detail into that window that is the username and the password.
  • After getting into the web-based interface of your Netgear router Login you can manage any settings and configuration very conveniently.  

Find IP address of setup

There can be many reasons behind the situations when we lose or forget the IP address of our router. It could be due to the bad quality of the printed sticker that damages after sometimes or during unboxing the product. 

Getting the web-interface of the router is very important for you because only after reaching to the web-interface you can further perform the configurations of your Netgear router login, like password setting, User ID setting, blocked devices settings, etc. 

Although there can be many ways to get the IP address of your router, but here we are going to explain the simplest and easiest methods to be tackle by the freshers as well. 

  • To download the suitable app: The first technique is to go to the play store of your device or the web-browser and look for a suitable application that can provide your product-related IP address. There are so many apps available in the online hub and are reliable also. These apps are capable of finding the IP address of your router as well as for the other routers and devices in your WIFI network.
  • 2. To attain the basic knowledge:  The second way is to get the basic knowledge about the computer and router settings from as you have to use window command prompt while setup process, so it is must have the basic knowledge about the technical terms of the router and computer LAN, WAN, IP, MAC, etc.
  • Launch an internet browser of your choice from a device that is connected to the Netgear router. It is important to have the device connected via an Ethernet cable for the firmware update process.
  • Type or in the address bar and press enter.
  • You will be taken to the login page of the router. The login page will then prompt you to type in the default username and password for the router. ( username – admin, Password – password )
  • The Setup Wizard will open up. Click ADVANCED. Then click Administration.
  • You will see a Firmware Update or Router Update option. The option may vary for different router models.
  • Click Check. The router will then check whether any firmware updates are available. If a firmware update is available, the Setup Wizard will then ask you whether you wish to download and install it. Click Yes.

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setup your netgear wifi router. Login into wifi using

Router is a free system gadget with nearby IP or and its working framework in view of UNIX. To arrange it, either a telnet interface or a web interface is utilized. The Telnet interface is the switch’s summon comfort a more mind boggling gadget arrangement interface. For less experienced clients, there is a rearranged adaptation – a web interface, which is frequently called an “individual bureau”. It is accessible at or by accessing a – it must be entered in the program –Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or opera.  You can get in touch with your router by putting at the address bar.

The router does not work because of problems on the server, what should I do?

To solve the sudden problems with connecting a router to the Internet through the fault of the provider, you will need to contact the operator of the company using the phone of a 24-hour customer support line. Most likely, the technical center already knows about the problems and will be able to give an approximate time for their elimination. If the operator does not know the information about the problems associated with restricting access to the Internet, thanks to your call, he will be able to notify the technicians.

Authentication failed when connecting to Wi-Fi on android: what to do?

Passwords protect your network from unauthorised access, when entering an incorrect password, you cannot establish a connection. Even if you know your password and are sure of it, there is a possibility that you enter it incorrectly. The password of your router is case-sensitive (to uppercase and lowercase letters), so if in case you choose special characters or capital letters remember that you enter them exactly. Check the “Show password” field to make sure the entry is correct.

Netgear has been providing reliable networking hardware to the users from a very long time. Their products include routers, extenders, cameras and more. The Netgear routers are very reliable and provide a very smooth user experience. The routers need to be logged in before the user can access the advanced features of the routers. The users had to login to their routers using the default IP address specific to their routers. Many of the users either don’t know or don’t know where to look for the default IP address for their routers. Netgear provided their users with a very simple solution. They now ship their routers preconfigured to use instead of the default IP addresses. The router recognizes the web domain name and translates it and redirects the user automatically to the router’s login page. This way, the user doesn’t have to remember the default IP addresses for their routers. This has made the setup process much easier and provided the users with a simple login procedure.

The web domain name is the domain name which is used to login to the router’s login page. After logging in using, the user has to type in the default username and password for their routers. Only after that can the user access the advanced features of the router such as the Guest Network, the Parental Control, to change the default username and password for the router, set up different networks and update the firmware. All of the information of the user’s network can be found in the Netgear Setup Wizard such as the status of the wired and wireless connection and all the information regarding the said networks, how many devices are connected to the network at a given time, if there are any guests networks setup and if they are secured or not.

Updating Firmware to fix bugs and get new features

Updating the firmware of the router is a very important part of the setup process as the updated firmware makes sure that the router is up to date. There are new media devices coming out almost every day. In order for the router to be able to connect to the devices, the router’s firmware needs to be up to date so that the router is able to connect to the media devices. If the router is out of date, the user will face problems while setting up and connecting to different media devices. The firmware upgrade also makes sure that the security on the router is up to date as well. If the router’s security is out of date, the user’s router and all the sensitive information passing through the router will be vulnerable to threats. The sensitive information may include the user’s banking information when they buy something online, their emails and passwords, their private information and more. So for the user to secure their network, the user must keep their firmware up to date.

Here, we will show the users the troubleshooting steps to setup and login to their router with the smart wizard, to change the username and password for the router, to reset the router and to update the router using the Smart Wizard web interface.

There are some prerequisites required for the initial setup process. They are:

  1. Ethernet cables to make the connections between the devices. It is recommended that the initial setup and login process is done with the help of the Ethernet cables as wireless devices may corrupt the router.
  2. A desktop computer or a laptop to access the Setup Wizard.
  3. A running internet connection.

Easy and quick way to update Netgear router firmware

It is very important to regularly check for the Firmware upgrade.

To Upgrade your router’s firmware follow these steps:-

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer which is connected on the NETGEAR ROUTER.
    (Note: – Netgear recommends to use an Ethernet cable connected to your computer form the router to upgrade the firmware.)
  2. Enter www
  3. Once you open the router page, you need to enter your username and password in order to sign in.
  4. Select ADVANCED > Administration.
  5. Click the Firmware Upgrade or Router upgrade button.
  6. Click CHECK button.
    (NOTE: – If while checking with the server, If any message pops up to download and install click YES.
  7. The router will download the FIRMWARE and begins the FIRMWARE UPGRADE.
    WARNING: Never unplug you router while it upgrading your router, do not reload page while the firmware is installing or downloading.

What is the login process of the NETGEAR modem?

Setting up your new NETGEAR modem is very simple with the process that we are going to describe here in this article. First of all, take a look at your existing NETGEAR modem, and the available ports on it, and know which cables and ports will be plug into which plugs and jacks. At this time, you are also required to have complete knowledge about your current network names and password. Keep a note of all these details with you, because you will be required these details at the time of login to your modem. Then compare your current modem with the new modem, although both the modem may look the same but if you observe at the back of the panel of these two modems then you find a difference in the names of the jacks and ports of these two modems. For example, the Ethernet jack on your existing modem, will be named as LAN port on the other jack. There will be ports with the name of DSL/DSL1 and then begin the steps to log in to your NETGEAR modem. 

Setup process for NETGEAR Modem Login: –netegar mywifiext net

  1. Remove the power chord from your old modem and set aside. Use the new power chord that is included in the box to plug into your new modem. Once the power cable will be plugged to your new modem, it would take 4 to 5 minutes to complete the setup process.
  2. During this time the LEDs over the new modem will start blinking. First solid orange, then solid red, and then solid green. 
  • Once the internet LEDs and the WIFI LEDs would turn solid green, that means the new modem is ready to go.
  1. If you want to connect your wireless devices with the previously established WIFI network, then you have to set your NEW modem with the using the same user ID, IP address, and Password.
  • Take a note of the sticker available on your modem. The notes will be including,
  • Admin Settings:    
  • Admin User Name: Admin
  • Admin Password: k4y5kh8, it can vary from model to model of the modem.
  1. Then use a computer or a tablet to open a web browser, through its address bar navigate it to find the available list of the WIFI network. 
  2. Choose the TDS named WIFI network name that matches the printed slip of your WIFI network modem.
  • When you prompted, enter the password listed on the sticker.
  • Open the internet browser and type at the search bar of the browser, and press ENTER.
  1. On the modem’s main screen, enter the noted ADMIN username, and ADMIN password from the printed slip of your modem, and press the green-coloured LOGIN button.
  2. At the top panel of the next screen, click the option for the WIRELESS SETUP icon, and the basic setting screen will have appeared. 
  3. At this page, change the WIFI SSID and the password that matches with your old modem. Make sure that the password and the user ID that you are going to type, should be the same. If there will be any different than your wireless devices will not be able to connect with the previously created wireless WIFI network, and you have to do the entire settings once again.
  • Then click the APPLY button, and your entire settings will be done, the next page will display the summary of settings done by you. All the devices which were connected with your previously created WIFI network, will be connected again automatically. 
Netgear security update

Recover the Netgear router Login password

  1. Approach the web browser form your end device and just introduce at the address locus of your computer or any other smart device. 
  2. Instead of the web URL, you can use the IP address of your router that is
  3. Click on the cancel tab after appearing the login window on your screen of the smart device.
  4. If you have enabled the password recovery option, then a prompt will be thrown on your screen to enter the serial number/model number of your router.
  5. Get the serial number from the label if the router’s body or from the user setup guide. Then you can enter the serial number and move ahead.
  6. There will be some security questions that will be served to you by your ISPs. Answer these questions, and then tap continue.
  7. A window that will offer you to reset your password from the new way, will be displayed on the screen.
  8. Enter and then re-enter the new and strong password in that window to confirm. 
  9. Again, you have to answer some new security questions for the purpose to be retrieved in the future. Now go for the NEXT tab.
  10. Now, you have modified the password of your router successfully.

Few Tips For Firmware Update

The firmware of the router is the software that runs the hardware of the device that it is installed on. The firmware needs to be updated to keep the router and its security up to date. Netgear releases the firmware updates regularly so that the users do not face any trouble.

Netgear Firmware update steps

  • First of all, login to your router using form your web browser.
  • At the login window, put your authentication requirements (Username and the password). 
  • After that you will be able to use the web-interface of your router and can to so many configurations, including the firmware update.
  • From here look for your Netgear router Login Firmware version, then go to the to get the firmware file according to your version and download it. 
  • The benefit of downloading the firmware from the official web site is to secure your data from stealing by the hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Go to the official site and that the blank box, you need to put the model number or the serial number of your router, and the correct firmware file will be pop up in front of you.
  • Download and save this file in your computer software after unzipping the file.
  • In your router’s dashboard, go to ADMINISTRATION, then you could see the option for “Firmware Update”.
  • Locate and bring the file that you saved after downloading, click on it to start the process. Wait and watch until it gets finished.
  • As described above, do not interrupt in between the process, as your firmware update will be finished, your router will automatically go for rebooting. It can take a few minutes. 
  1. How do I login to my Netgear Rax 80 Nighthawk router?
    Answer : You can login using the web domain.
  2. What is the default IP address for the Netgear WNDR N600 Wireless router?
    Answer : The default IP address for the Netgear WNDR N600 Wireless router is
  3. What is the default login info for my Netgear R8500 ?
    Answer : The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. The username and password are case sensitive. 
  4. How do I access the Parental Controls on my Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk router?
    Answer : The user can simply access the Parental Controls on the Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk router by logging in to the router using web domain. The user can access all the advanced features of the router after successfully logging in to the router. 
  5. What can I do if I forget the password for my Netgear R6700 AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router?
    Answer : The user can choose to reset the router in case they forget the password for their Netgear router. After that, the user can again login to their router using the default information on the admin page i.e.
  6. Is it safe to download the firmware for my Netgear AC1600 R6300 Smart Wi-Fi Router?
    Answer : No, the user must never download the firmware for any Netgear router from any third party websites.
  7. How can I access the advanced settings on my Netgear AC1200 R6220 Smart Wi-Fi router?
    Answer : The user can gain access to the advanced features of the Netgear router after successfully logging in to the router using the web domain All the advanced features of the Netgear router are available on the Smart Setup Wizard. 
  8. Is it okay if I leave my Netgear AC1900 R7000 Wi-Fi router on all the time?
    Answer : Yes, it is completely okay to leave the router on all the time.
  9. What is the Parental Controls?
    Answer : The Parental Controls advanced feature is used to block inappropriate content or restrict certain websites on their network. 
  10. How do log into my Netgear router ?
    Answer :  Visit www or use the following ip addresses,, .
  11. What is the default username and password?
    Answer : Default username and password can be found on the router itself. 
  12. Do i need to turn off the router or i can keep it on all the time?
    Answer :  You don’t need to turn it off, you can keep it on all the time.
  13. How do i secure my router with password?
    Answer : Netgear router comes with default security which is wpa/wpa2 set, you can change the password or security type from the router page. 
  14. How do i reset my router?
    Answer : You can reset your router by holding the paper clip in the reset hole for 30 seconds.
  15. Do i have to register my device to make it work?
    Answer : NO, you can use it without registering but to receive support and claim warranty on the product it should be registered. 
  16. I can’t open the page on my computer?
    Answer : If you are not able to open www router login net try logging with the ip address.
  17. web page saying incorrect password, where can i find username and password details?
    Answer : You can find the username and password for on the router.
  18. I lost my configuration CD and need to set up the router again how can i do it without the cd?
    Answer : You can use the smart setup wizard in order to setup your router again, simply connect your computer with the router and open the router page and follow the steps on the screen.
  19. How to open the management console of Netgear router?
  20. How to update garmin maps on netgear wifi?
  21. Answer : Connect your device to the Netgear router and open an internet browser. Enter in the address bar and hit enter key.  You can also use default IP address rather than You will see Netgear router login window. Enter the username and password.
  22. I am trying to change the username but I cannot find the option?
    Answer : The username that you have to enter on Netgear router login page cannot be changed. Only password can be changed. The username will remain admin for all Netgear routers.
  23. How to change admin password for Netgear router?
    Answer : Log into the router by using web address and entering the login credentials on the Netgear router login page. Go to maintenance tab and then click on set password. Enter the new password as well as old in the provided fields. Click on apply button.
  24. Can I have to register my Netgear Router to make it work?
    Answer : You just have to set it up using No registration is required for working of Netgear router.
  25. How many devices can be connected to the network to access the internet?
    Answer : Firstly, setup the router using and then connect devices to the network. You can connect as many devices as you want but with every additional device, the speed decreases.
  26. How to solve the issue of unable to access
    Answer : To resolve this issue, reset your Netgear router. Locate the reset button, press it for around 7 seconds and then release it. Then try to access again. You will see Netgear Router Login page after you get successful access to
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