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Netgear is the domain name to access the login page of the router. The user can access the login page of the router by using two main web addresses to redirect the login page with and the Moreover, Netgear Router is the most dependable remote system particular to associate the various gadgets with the system. Netgear is the easy method to get to the settings of the Netgear wifi routers. Besides, the Netgear router gives you the best systems administration equipment. To get to the login setup page of the Netgear wifi login is simple and client friendly.

NETGEAR Default IP Address and is the default IP address. Visit to access page

Reset NETGEAR Router

Press the reset pinhole button using paperclip and hold it for 10 seconds. Settings will get to factory default.

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Router Username & Password

Default username and password for netgear router is: Username-admin / Password-password

Web address for NETGEAR

Open your browser and type in the address bar or

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How to Reset Netgear Admin Password

We should enable the password reset feature if we wish to change the password for our router’s username admin. It will help you to reset the password of the admin panel, in case it has forgotten. This process can easily be performed, through various web browsers, like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. except the Safari browser.

To reset the password, follow these steps;

  • Go into the navigation bar of your browser and type or and click cancel.
  • If you would have enabled the password recovery option, then you will be prompted to enter the serial number of the router.
  • Get the serial number of your router to form its outer layer or the outer panel. Check the printed slip that has stuck to the back or top of the router.
  • Take this serial number and enter on the page that you see on the device screen, and tap continue.
  • A new screen will now be opened on your computer screen, asking to answer a few of the security questions.
  • If these questions are not suitable for you, then click “Set new Security questions.” Then answer these security questions.
  • Answer the saved answers to these security questions click continue. A new screen will ask to enter the new password that you wish to set for your router.
  • Enter the new password, and click confirm. Now you have to set new answers to the security questions and click save.
  • Click next to get the next level of this process. Now a screen will be opened to your device that will carry the information that you have successfully reset the password.
  • Now click login, to log back into the router with the just set admin password.

Find the SSID of your Netgear router

To get the SSID of your Netgear router, first, check the following items that carry the default SSID of your router. It comes with the product when you by it.

  • Owner’s Manual.
  • The cox welcome kit or the booklet.
  • Label of your WIFI modem or the router.
  • Check the hardware of your Netgear router to get the SSID.

Use the most common and standard WIFI name and password while trying to login to your router’s web-interface. The most common username or the SSID is ADMIN whereas the most common password is either PASSWORD itself, or ADMIN.

Some of the router use blank as default password while processing the login page. If you can connect with the network using these suggestions and tricks, that means the SSID that you have used is correct. If you do not get connected to the network, then follow the next trick or the resolution. Open the web directory form your device that is already connected to the WIFI network.

In the search bar or the URL locater bar, enter any one of the following IP address of the gateways;
  •, or
  •, or
  •, or
  •, or
  •, or

If the above-mentioned URL and the IP addresses are not helpful for you, then check the user manual of your product or call to your ISP. If the default login credentials have been changed by you, then you need to contact the device manufacturer.

If you are logged in, then complete the following actions to locate the SSID of your Netgear Wireless router. The location of these details can vary from model to model.
  1. Go to the menu tab, then click “Basic Settings” and hit the option “Wireless.”
  2. Under the setup, you should tap the next tab that is “Wireless Settings.”
  3. The network name can be found in the section of SSID the password will be found in the below locations;
  4. If you have WEP encryptions, then your current wireless-password will be located in the field of “Key ‘1’”
  5. If you have WPA/WPA2 encryptions in your router, then the current wireless password of your router will be located in the field of “Passphrase.”

If still, you are not able to get the SSID of your router, then you must go to to get the best solution for your trouble. There the experts are tech specialized and will give you the most relevant and reliable answer to your question.

How to find the NETGEAR Default IP address?

If you want to make sure that is the default IP address of your router, and you are not making errors while typing this IP address follow these actions.

On your device keyboard, press the “WINDOW KEY” with the “R” key at the same time, and after that type .cmd, and immediately press enter.

Then your next action is to type the “ipconfig” to get the list of pop-ups. Select and depict the “Default Gateway” category. It will display the correct website to log into.

Another way is to enable the “Network Card” on your router

Right-click the icon for “Network Connection” form the lower right corner of your computer’s desktop. Then choose the option ” Open Network & Sharing Canter.”

On the left side of the panel, you have to select “Change Adapter Settings.”

Here, you have to make sure that your Network Card is enabled. If the network card will be down, then you have to see the option to Disable the network card.

Just tap or make a right-click on the network card that you have, and then select enable to revive it.

How to solve access error

If you are facing problem to access the IP address of your router, then do not try to type it. As while typing the IP address into the address bar of the browser, it is common that people do mistakes. The simplest and easiest way to access the default IP address of your router without typing it manually is to use a web browser that can work with any device. The browser should carry such a standard compatibility that supports every router from any manufacturer except the iOS devices. Because for iOS users, there is a separate web browser that would not function in any android devices.

  1. Before starting the process, make sure that your device is already connected to the WIFI network of the router, and is powered on. Ise Ethernet connection to access the IP address of your router.

  2. Visit to using a web browser of your device.

  3. Find the IP address of your router, using the “Auto Detection Router IP Address” box

  4. Click the option “Open to Login”, and it will open the login window of your router, automatically.

  5. Then you can insert the username and the password to get the interface of your NETGEAR router.

To increase the security of our router, we need to modify the password and the user name. The admin password is not the same password that we use to access the WIFI network of our home. That is why to change the Netgear router Admin password, steps and procedures are different than to the default one. Let us initiate to change the admin password of my router.

  1. Launch the web directory and go to the top navigation bar. There it is needful to enter the web address.

  2. That web address is customized to provide you the login page of your router, directly is or

  3. When you have the login window on the device screen, then pass into the username and password of your latest NETGEAR router.

  4. As we have already told you the default password and the username are admin, so input these credentials, and click to go next.

  5. On this home page, you have to hit the option advanced, then go to “administration” and then select “Set Password.”

  6. Type here the old password first, and then type the new password. Type the new password two times.

If you want to get recovery of your new admin password, then make sure to enable the option “Enable Password Recovery” and then tap APPLY to save the changes. change the WIFI password


  • To change the WIFI password or network name of your NETGEAR router, click and explore an internet browser on your device.
  • Navigate the search bar of the browser to or
  • immediate after this custom weblink introduction, a login window will be exposed on the screen to take you to the home page of your router.
  • The default username of your router is admin, so enter admin at the username or SSID field.
  • Next, you have to enter the password that is again admin so, enter admin at the password locus, and then go to next.
  • Now you are on the home page of your router. From this basic and customized home page, go and hit the option WIRELESS.
  • Enter the new network name and WIFI password just beside the tabs “SSID” and “PASSWORD” on the page.
  • The password needs to be entered two times, to avoid the conflicts, and click SAVE or hit the TAB Apply to secure the changes.

Small difference between Reset & Reboot

Reset process Netgear router Login

Lots of people get confused with the two terms, that is reset and reboot. They take both the process as the same process, but there are a lot of differences between these two processes. In the reset process you get the default factory settings of your router and you’ll lose the entire settings after reset. In rebooting you just make a restart to your router. More commonly, first you turn off your router and then turn it on back. In this process you will not lose any settings of your router. 

Netgear Router Login rebooting process


  • In this process, discontinue the power that is being supplied to your router by removing the power line from the router or the power board.
  • Reconnect the router back and press the power ON button.
  • Your router will get rebooted within 30 to 40 seconds. 
  • In this process, your Internet connection will go offline.

IP address login ( or ) is the customized web address by dint of which you can enter into the central interface of your router, whereas the is the IP address that comes by default for all the NETGEAR routers. It allows the network administrator to configure their routers and WIFI networks. These two dimensions are required to set up a lot of features, such as IP address, Password, DNS settings, Proxy Settings, LAN and WAN settings, DSL and ADSL settings, MAC cloning, and WPS block, etc.

Netgear router Login to steps

  • You may access your router ADMIN through a IP address of your NETGEAR router. Using this you can also change the default settings along with the configuration of your router.
  • Into the address bar of your device browser input the common IP address of your router in the following manner: or just go for
  • In case you see errors while this logging process, on your screen of the end device, then just enter at the web address bar and know the solutions.
  • After getting the correct resolution or the web URL, you need to enter that, in the address bar of your router as another effort.
  • After introducing the exact credentials into the web browser’s address bar, you will be redirected to the Admin’s login panel.
  • Later on, just after this admin panel, you must enter another detail into that window that is the username and the password.
  • After getting into the web-based interface of your Netgear router Login you can manage any settings and configuration very conveniently.  

Find IP address of setup

There can be many reasons behind the situations when we lose or forget the IP address of our router. It could be due to the bad quality of the printed sticker that damages after sometimes or during unboxing the product. 

Getting the web-interface of the router is very important for you because only after reaching to the web-interface you can further perform the configurations of your Netgear router login, like password setting, User ID setting, blocked devices settings, etc. 

Although there can be many ways to get the IP address of your router, but here we are going to explain the simplest and easiest methods to be tackle by the freshers as well. 

  • To download the suitable app: The first technique is to go to the play store of your device or the web-browser and look for a suitable application that can provide your product-related IP address. There are so many apps available in the online hub and are reliable also. These apps are capable of finding the IP address of your router as well as for the other routers and devices in your WIFI network.
  • 2. To attain the basic knowledge:  The second way is to get the basic knowledge about the computer and router settings from as you have to use window command prompt while setup process, so it is must have the basic knowledge about the technical terms of the router and computer LAN, WAN, IP, MAC, etc.

Update the firmware using a web browser


To improve the efficiency and the performance of the product, Netgear keeps on updating the firmware periodically. It also adds many latest features to your router and removes the malfunctioning of the router. To get the latest features and to improve the work performance of your router, make sure that it is running with a new firmware version. Manually perform these actions to get the updated firmware version in your NETGEAR WIFI router.

  • Connect the device that you have for the firmware update, using the Ethernet cable, with the router.
  • Unlock the web browser and click the navigation bar to enter, you can mention the IP address, like
  • On the next page (Login Window), enter the username that is ADMIN by default, into the SSID tab.
  • Then enter the password that is again Admin by default, at the password tab, and then click OK. On the home page with the help of the menu tab, go to
  1. ADVANCED, then
  3. SETTINGS, and then

Click check for latest firmware update, if you find any firmware release for your product, then hit the UPDATE option to update the firmware at that time.


Steps to manually get the Firmware update


  • Go to the official web link and get the official home page of your NETGEAR router’s product manufacturer.
  • On the home page, type the model number of your router and find the latest released firmware version.
  • Click download to get the zipped firmware file with the latest version into your system.
  • Save this zipped file anywhere you feel safe to bring back when needed. The downloaded file will have a name with some short extension.
  • After that, go to the configuration of your router. Login to the web-based interface of the router and get on the basic home page.
  • From the home page, go to “Advanced” then “Administration Settings” and then “Firmware Update.”
  • Bring the file here, that you just saved on your computer. Click the browse option to upload the file. After that, the firmware will start uploading to your router.
  • It will take some time, maybe up to five to eight minutes. So, sit patiently and wait till it gets completed.
  • Do not interrupt the firmware upgrade process, else you will lose the entire configuration of your router, and the firmware will get corrupted.
  • Then you have to perform the entire steps from the begging.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Setting a static IP address is very fruitful to those who have to transfer large files, on a daily basis. It also proves like a milestone to those who are to host servers or the websites for sharing large files. Your computers and the other end to end devices are already assigned with an IP address, and while connecting to the internet uses the same IP address. Usually in our home and small house we use a dynamic IP address, but for gaming consoles, website hosting, and for the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” services, it becomes necessary to use static IP addresses. Speed, efficiency, high-performance, and reliability are the key feature of using the static IP address to your window computer.  

Click to the “Start Menu” on your computer and go to the “Control Panel”.

  • From the control panel, you will be clicking on the option for “Network and Sharing Centre”, for some of the window the option will be like ” Network and Internet”.
  • Click on to network and sharing centre, and then tap on to “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Make a right-click through your mouse or touchpad on to the option of “WIFI or “Local Area Connection”, and from here go and click Properties.
  • While selecting the internet protocol version, select the TCP/IPv4, then again click to “Properties”.
  • Select and click “use the following IP address”, and enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and then enter the DNS server, and then click OK.
  • Now you can see the static IP address of your computer.

In this article, we are going to describe that how to find the IP address for your different devices, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS X, without using the command prompt. This article will surely help you, if you are unable to locate or find the IP address in your computers, PC, laptop, Macintosh, androids, etc. The steps given below are on the basis of device and software, do not follow without looking for your type of software and devices.

Without Command prompt, getting the IP address for “Window 10”.

  • Go and click the “Start Icon” and then find and tap on to the “Settings”.
  • Now look for the “Network and Internet” symbol, and make a tap on it.
  • If you are looking for the IP address of your wired connections, then select the option of “Ethernet”. It will be located on the left of the menu pane. After selecting the Ethernet option, you have to select for your “Network Connection”, and thus your IP address will appear just next to the “IPv4 Address”.
  • If you are looking for the IP address of a wireless connection, then select “WIFI”. This option will be found from the left pane of the menu page.
  • After that you need to go to the “Advanced Options”, and your IP address will appear just beside the “IPv4 Address”.
  • Go to the “System Tray” and click the icon of network connection, and then, select the option for ” Open Network and Sharing Centre”.
  • Here if you are having a wired connection, then you have to go to the “Local Area Connection” and make a double tap on it. Then you will see the option of “Details” click on it, and your IP address will be thereafter “IPv4 Address”.
  • For the users of WIFI wireless connection, double tap on “Wireless Network Connection” and click to “Details”, thus your IP address will just be by the side of “IPv4 Address”.
  • Go to the START>right click to NETWORK> then to the PROPERTIES, and your network and sharing centre will be opened to you.
  • IP address for the users of wired connections can be found beside the option of “Local Area Connection”, in “View Status” by making a right-click on it. For the users of wireless adapter, double tap on “Wireless Network Connection” and then go to the
  • “Support Tab”. Thereafter, go to the details to see the IP address of your
  • Go to the heading “Details” and get your IP address just next to the coded keys “IPv4 Address”.

Go to the Apple menu, and select “System Preferences”, from the “View Menu” tab, and then select for the option “NETWORK”. After clicking on the network preferences, a window will have appeared to you. In this window you need to click any of the ports, such as Ethernet, AirPort, WIFI, etc. If you are connected to your, you will find the IP address.

Find the IP address for the Mac OS X 10.04 or 10.3 Computer;

Go to the Menu bar of the Apple Menu, and select the location, and then go to “Network Preferences”. Go to the “NETWORK PREFERENCES Window” and click to the ” Network Status”, just next to “Show”. The IP address will be displayed over there.

WPS stands for “WIFI protected Setup” it is a standard that makes easy and secure establishment for a wireless network. Traditionally, the users have to create the SSID and the password, manually. The security key that you have to set for your NETGEAR WIFI router, should be created manually. It should be unique and specific. for both, your router and the client. But now with the innovation of the WPS feature, your router and the, modem can automatically configure a wireless network name and SSID, with a strong encryption and authentication. Know more about the WPS process, and how can we use it via 

If your Netgear router is heating too much or above the normal level, then instantly remove all the cables from it. Also, detach it from the modem and the computer. Keep it in rest position for a few minutes until it gets cool down. Then turn on the router, and try to have a hard reset on to your cable DSL router. Check the room ventilation and the space near the router. Keep the router on a desk, and there shouldn’t be any radio transmitting device near the router. Go to the router’s configuration page, and update the firmware of your router, if it is about to update, and you see available updates. Remove the entire non-networking devices that are attached to the router, such as the USB devices, and other non-working computer or printer.

If you are using all four ports of the router, but could not see any LED light indication is there. When we connect the devices to all the four ports of the router, then all the LED lights on the front should also be illuminated and solid. But if you see no lights or the light on your LED light keeps blinking continuously, then you need power cycle the modem and the router.

To power-cycle, the router. Unplug the router from all the wired attachments, and leave it in that condition for at least 3 to 5 minutes. After that connect and plug the wires to the same power outlets. All the routers have a tine button, called the reset button. If you would press and hold the button for 10 to 15 seconds then it will be set to factory defaults.

  • Open a browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Bing, Yahoo, or Microsoft, to update the Firmware.
  • Type the keyword or the customized web address into the address line of your browser. then click enter to get the next step.
  • On the next page that is the login page of your router, type Admin that is the username. Type password that is the default password of your router, and tap OK.
  • An Update flag will be located at the top of the router’s home screen if the latest firmware will be available.
  • You can also manually check the firmware by tapping the ADVANCED section on the top of the router’s home screen.
  • Go to Administration>Router Update. On the update page, click “Check” to check for the firmware update of your Netgear router.
  • If an update is available, then click for the update. After a few minutes, your router will be updated to the latest version, and it will be modified as the new router.

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